Our key business practices ensure a smooth transition and a solid foundation to support your association’s success. Following is an overview of our rigorous, disciplined business processes. Processes are customized for each client and supported with detailed work plans to drive your association’s goals.


Boards serve association members. Members serve their communities.  MHQ provides infrastructure and support to keep the cycle of service moving, thereby empowering service.

Transition Planning and Execution

We understand the anxiety board members can experience in considering changing management. Our comprehensive, personalized on boarding process ensures you are covered, comfortable and poised to thrive as a new MHQ client.

Communications Planning

Sound communications planning and implementation can pave the way for longterm success. MHQ’s team of communications experts rigorously ensures that your association’s communications support your organizational goals.

Knowledge Building

Your board and members are expert in your field. MHQ uses our unique Knowledge Building process to quickly gain information about your association, your members and your industry.


Executive Director Selection

We work collaboratively work your board of directors to identify and select a strategic, visionary Executive Director with the leadership skills, the experience, and the industry knowledge to help associations meet strategic goals.